I do not know how to describe myself today
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why does this happen

we meet new people, make new friends and its awesome.. and every now and then, you run into that awesome person, that guy (or girl) that just make it great to go to work, to go out for a drink… you can feel some type of attraction ( sometimes going both ways) gets you excited, makes you smile, your friends notice it, but somewhere deep down, in that dark corner, you know it just wont come true.. why.. well its simple.. you aren’t his type ( I am not skinny, short and cute) I am loud, messy, I laugh too much, tall and well big, chubby, little fat. I am not a kid anymore, I am a mature person, in my 30s, it gets easier the older I get, I have learned to read people, well men, I know who I can flirt with and who I can’t, yet this time I really was hoping it would happen, that he might look pass that and notice me